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May 17, 2009 by EventHorizon
     As there seems to be an ongoing debate on Joeuser about evolution, I've decided to write a little article which clears up a few common mistakes, and answers a few objections against it.


     1. What is Evolution?

Evolution is a scientific theory which accounts for the diversity and change in populations of organisms over time. Or, in the words of noted Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Douglas Futuyma:

"Biological evolution is...change in ...
April 22, 2005 by EventHorizon

I have an old-ish Dell Inspiron 2500...my little brother was playing 'runescape' and it froze then gave a BSOD... Now, I cannot boot into windows anymore.

What will happen is this:

Turn on computer> Shows 'dell' setup screen> Gives a black screen saying 'operating system not found.'

If I leave the computer unplugged for a period of time (10 mins or so) It will show the XP bootscreen for 5-10 seconds, then Ill get a BSOD saying 'Unmountable drive volume.'

STOP: 0x000000ED (...
November 25, 2003 by EventHorizon
This release represents a merging of the public and non-public versions of Terragen and includes significant new functionality. Some of the highlights are a new rendering method using depth based occlusion culling for greater rendering speed, an enhanced detail mode, new capabilities for the water system and a separate zoom-able terrain preview for more precise editing and camera positioning.

Here an in-depth look at the new capabilites: http://planetside.co.uk/terragen/release09details.shtm...